Welcome to Beginner Triathlon!

Beginner Triathlon is one sport with three separate phases.  You don’t get credit for any of them unless you complete all three.  Most people come to the a triathlon with experience in just one of the sports , principally either running or cycling.  As in all other sports, it will be exciting to know you are growing a moving into a new class as an athlete.  You will be opening a whole new chapter, perhaps more than one, in your athletic history.

What is a triathlon?  Triathlons may feature different distances and venues, but each is organized in the same way:  Swim first, then cycle, then run.  The swim will have the most variety as it can occur in lake, ocean or even an indoor pool.  In a typical triathlon, you will be riding your bicycle on a paved road.  Some of the run course might be on a trail or off-road surface, but the cycling part will be unless your triathlon is specifically an off-road event.

For athletes beginning triathlons need to judge their downtime more than anything else.  Just because there are 7 days in a week, that doesn’t mean that you need to be training during all of them.  Even the best and longest training triathletes need their rest days and use them according to a schedule.  Exercise and strength training wears down your muscles.  They grow stronger in the process of being rebuilt.  If you never give your body the chance to rest, the rebuilding process won’t occur or it won’t be as efficient.  Then, injury becomes the inevitable result of non-stop training. Plus, it definitely helps to have strong core muscles.

If you have heard about triathlons and want to get started, you are probably looking for beginner triathlon info. Triathlons are multi sport events, usually encompassing swimming, cycling and running.

Athletes are timed from the start of the event through the end of the last sport, including changing times. The person with the best time wins the triathlon. You can get specific beginner triathlon information from your local sporting event coordinator.

How Can You Get Started?

The first thing you need to do is gather beginner triathlon race info and discover where and when the next event will be held nearest you. You will then want to plan out a training schedule to get yourself in shape and increase your endurance before the event.

It is really fairly easy to get started in triathlons, as all you really have to do is focus on cardio exercise in order to increase your endurance. You should also plan to train in the three sports so that you have plenty of practice. In addition, you should practice changing clothing between sports to get as fast as possible. There may be other tips for getting started in the beginner triathlon info you obtain from your local coordinator or sponsor.

Top Things To Keep In Mind

  • Age
  • Overall health
  • Heart health

When you are gathering beginner triathlon info you should keep several things in mind. First, you should consider your age and your health and make sure you are in physical condition to withstand the demands you will be placing on your body during the triathlon.

Your heart should be in good condition, and your blood pressure should be controlled. You should also make sure that your doctor clears you for the strenuous activity of preparing for and performing in the triathlon. You should get more details on physical requirements of the triathlon in yourbeginner triathlon info.

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